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Wednesday, December 19 2012

The subject of tenant evictions, particularly when and how to do them, can be a touchy subject. With today’s economic climate, there are occasionally those parties who will need to be evicted from a property due to nonpayment of rent or other reasons. This does not necessarily reflect poorly on your tenant screening process. You might have been very thorough when processing a tenant’s application and performing your background and credit checks. Many tenants might have had the potential to be fantastic, or you could have a tenant who was in fact fantastic for many years, but then something happens that requires an eviction.
The threshold at which you start an eviction process is different for each owner and property management company.  Please remember that the advice we give you at Cassidy Associates Real Estate and Property Management Services is not legal advice. You should always check with your attorney any time you have legal concerns. What this blog aims to do is to tell you what we do here at Cassidy Associates Real Estate, Inc. We have a specific process that we follow and it helps us to be consistent and legally protected any time we believe we must begin the eviction process on a tenant. 
Our Process
When there is a substantive, provable breach of a lease, we hire a law firm to guide us through the eviction process. Our go-to legal partners are Kimball, Tirey & St. John. This firm has law offices all over the state of California, and we use the lawyers and staff in the San Diego office. As soon as we know we have to evict someone, we contact the legal team and discuss the situation, particularly how the lease has been violated. They put together the eviction notice. Then, they proceed with notifying the tenant of the eviction, and they guide us through the entire process. 
Working with a law firm at the outset of the eviction process has ensured that we are very successful any time we are required to evict a tenant. Hopefully, any potential eviction situation you are facing can be resolved easily and without legal action. If you have any questions about eviction, or if you would like to discuss your process, please feel free to get in touch with us at Cassidy Associates Real Estate and Property Management Services. You can reach us at (619) 275-2525, or visit us at
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